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Meeting Point

Lijkt me een leuk idee om hier een ook een Meeting Point te starten waar members kunnen aangeven wanneer ze naar Sixsens gaan.

ik trap af. 3 augustus ga ik naar Sixsens.


can he answer one question - my friend would like to visit the sauna club and enjoy the charms of the pool, sauna, massage. Is a woman allowed to enter the club and use the club's facilities?

Does anyone have an answer, please

friend is women...

According to the website no couples are allowed

she would like to visit alone... no couple...

she wants to come alone ... is it possible ?

Yes, it is possible. But it is her not allowed to go to room with men cause it would be unfair competition to the working ladies. Of course its allowed she hire a woman to have sex.

@marlon, is she wants i can show her around. I’m there on 3 august

I think she coming later than that date...I just to tell her that is allowed to come inside.

carlos57... ok, thanks... she just want to go inside to use sauna, pool, sun bed and eventualy masage ... That is it....

Thanks for answer