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Just some info request

Hi, I'm new in this forum. I have found this club on google maps and it seems very cool and interesting... I have some experience with swinger clubs in Italy (I'm italian) but this looks a different kind of club. There are only escorts here or it is possible to know also girls not looking for money?


All the girls are sexworkers, they mostly look for a good payday. However if you make a good connection, you might be able to a get a discount or something.

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Thank you! Are there black and curvy girls too?

There are ladies (usually 50-60, depending on the day) of all sizes (lolita to curvy, cup size AAA to F) and ages (18 to 39, some ladies even celebrated their 39th birthday multiple times  😉 ). Most ladies are Caucasian, sometimes there are 1 or 2 black or Hispanic ladies.
Do not count on any discounts. The ladies are professionals and need to earn back their entrance fee, hotel, taxi and then still have some money. Normal price is €60 for 30 minutes and an additional €50 for each additional 30 minutes. A few ladies will only go to the room for at least 1 hour. All ladies charge extra for some services like CIM. What services are extra may differ from lady to lady. Some ladies do not offer some services at all (e.g. anal). You have to discuss your wishes and the price up front.
muf you want to, you can hire a Jacuzzi room at the reception for a small extra fee.
Entrance (normally €65, now €50 because of the early closing time) in the club covers food, wellness, beer and non alcoholic drinks.

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Just forget about the discount. That may happen after you been with same girl three times for more than two hours snd will always take the form of extra service at no extra payment.
From Thursday to Saturday you can really expect around 50 girls, the rest of the week less, but still roughly 35.
Black ones are scarce, very scarce and well sought after. If you happen to spot one, make a fast decision or she will be gone for another hour...



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