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Locker facility for travelers

Hi, I'm passing through Aachen, so plan to stop by Sixsens in morning and leaving for Cologne by 18.00 that day. I don't have a car, I'm just backpacking, so I'm wondering if customers are provided with lockers large enough for a hand-luggage (my backpack isn't all that big, small enough to carry as 7kg cabin luggage in the airlines).

Can anyone tell me if that's possible to lock somewhere in the club? I'd hope so considering the club has overnight hotels to stay in for guests, so this facility could be there somewhere.

The lockers are not big enough. I am sure you can ask the receptionist to store it somewhere until you leave. The club does not have a hotel. If you want to stay over you’d better book a hotel nearby and then you can leave your luggage there.

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